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Dorothy, a nightclub singer of color in the 1930's, is torn between her husband manager, Charles and her white lover Howard. A love that's taboo. Charles’ suspicions mount leading to a shocking confrontation.

A short film noir.



  • Jose Sarria Memorial Award for Best Drama Short Film (San Antonio QFest 2016)
  • Jocelyn Padilla for Marsha P Johnson Memorial Award for Best Portrayal of an LBGT Minority (San Antonio QFest 2016)
  • Jocelyn Padilla for Barbara Gittings Memorial Award for Best Female Performance (San Antonio QFest 2016)

Director’s Statement

  • Director’s Statement

Have you ever loved someone so much that you'd endure it all? What if that love was not seen as valid in the eyes of your world? I've always loved the times of jazz clubs and scotch. The music spoke words of truth if you truly allowed yourself to listen to the message being relayed.

I wrote Taboo to showcase what it means to love another so greatly that one would be willing to risk everything just to be near that one person. Because not being immersed in a love so great, so passionate is a life not worth living.

My hope is that one day we can fully live in a world where labels are irrelevant, where gender is fluid, where love between two people can carry itself through any obstacle.
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