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An artist is intrigued by the sketchbook left behind in her new studio.

We are in pre-production on this short horror.
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Food of the Gods

A backyard turtle uncovers a hole in the ground. A melancholic spider experiences an epiphany.

We are submitting this short animation to film festivals.
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To Ken

A young drifter reconnects with his family.

This short drama is available online.
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A chess player suspects his opponent is more than human.

This short sci-fi is available online.
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Debra’s coworkers think she’s an oddball. Little do they know a horrific past has her walking a dangerous tightrope - and she’s about to fall.

This short psychological thriller is available online.
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The Adjustment Technicians

When a job seeker doesn’t get responses, adjustments must be made.

This short sci-fi is available online.
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Weekend Getaway

An oppressed office worker has a getaway weekend he’ll never forget.

This short horror comedy is available online.
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A nightclub singer finds herself in a tumultuous love triangle in the 1930's.

This short film noir is available online.
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Lost Lullaby

Have you ever wondered what happened to Ken Kesey’s band of Merry Pranksters excellently described by Tom Wolfe in his 1968 book The Electric Kool-Aid Acid Test and depicted by the Pranksters themselves in the film Magic Trip? We look at a couple of fictional Pranksters Lisa and Mick twenty years later.
This short romantic drama is available online.
The House Film Poster

The House

Woman, trapped in artificially intelligent house seeks to escape using gadgets and her wits.
This award winning short sci-fi film combining photography with animation is available online.
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