Setting Lights
During our walk-through at the location Peter is shooting while Ed and Marcia are setting up the lights and the microphone. One room was clearly too bright due to the many windows, so we decide we will shoot at night. The LEDs turn out to be surprisingly bright and versatile and very easy to fit in the smaller room.
The umbrellas add soft blue light but it was Ed's soft box that was just perfect so we'll definitely use that. The external mic has a good sound. We'll need to make some debris for the explosion. The opening scene seemed long so we'll add another camera to add the House's point of view and add more emotion during the Woman's entrance.
The LCD TV screen photographed much better than the PC display monitor which had too much glare. It is easy to see what is happening on the screen even with the dark starry background. And good news. We have enough room for the camera to work even though it is a tight fit. We'll also need to dull the portraits to reduce glare.
Windy Beach Shoot
Well we want movement and we have it. It is so windy Ed can't hold up the white card. Someone asks us if we are here for an occupation. Peter tries to get the shots in a sand storm. He holds down the tripod so it won't blow over. The camera lens keeps fogging up from the mist. Foam is flying by. We fight sand and wind to move from shot to shot. Kite surfers are everywhere. The shutter speed makes the grass look even weirder.
Filters Gels
Ed's puts gel filters in front of the hot lights. He adds a purple, removes a blue, adds three purples, adds back the blue: tweaking it to get just the right effect on Mary and on the tunnel.

For the tunnel we thought to use rigid foam board, but found an odd room in the barn that was just about the right size. We lined the walls, first in white, then black. We like the black better.
Film Shoot
Marcia will film the reference footage of Ed which she will use when animating and lip syncing the House character.

Mary goes through the presentation on the computer screen for the 3D models, audio messages and the game and wishes Marcia would rewrite that "…piles of wood and timbers…" line in the screenplay!
Framing Shot
Peter, Marcia and Ed choreograph the shot for Mary's progression in the opening. We'll synchronize two cameras for the scene.
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