Mark D'Errico

Mark D'Errico was born in Ottawa, Canada in 1964. He started playing keyboards at age 16. He has performed in many rock and blues bands over the years. Mark moved from Ottawa, Canada to Boulder, Colorado in 1998. He quickly built his own home studio ("Boulder Manhattan Studio") and started writing and recording electronic, ambient, rock, instrumental and orchestral music. He released his first CD, "Out of Bounds" in 2001. His second CD, Faithless Masque", was released in 2002. A third CD is currently being worked on. Being a multi-keyboardist since 1980, he knows how to evoke the deepest feelings from his music. Whether it's eerie and tense or soft and heartfelt, his music carries your imagination to places it's never been before. In 2002, Mark starting scoring movies and animations. Since then, he has scored over 65 feature films and shorts. He can be reached through his website:
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Jenn Dlugos

Jenn Dlugos is an award-winning comedian, writer, and filmmaker. Her screenplays have been recognized by many competitions including the Francis Ford Coppola’s American Zoetrope Competition, the Feel Good Film Festival, The Beverly Hills Film Festival and the Yosemite Film Festival.  Her directorial debut, There She Is… won Best Regional Comedy Film and the Audience Award for Best Comedy Film at The Southeastern New England Film Festival, and was a selection at the Broad Humor Film Festival in Los Angeles.  Her film website is  and her personal website is
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Mary Ferrara

Mary is happy to have worked with Rosebud Studios on two projects, The House and Cold.  She has appeared in over 40+ film projects, including several web series.  She also enjoys performing improv, sketch comedy and community theater.  Some of her favorites roles include Barbara in August: Osage County, Astrid in What Once We Felt, Helena in A Midsummer Night's Dream, Katie in the web series World's Worst Director, and as the woman in the award-winning short sci-fi film The House.
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Marcia Goetsch

Marcia started making films for her two year old niece several years ago. She began simply reading story books but over time she added short scenes taking place in her house and around town. She became interested in making short films for a general audience and is making that film. She wrote the screenplay and learned just enough electronics and animation to make the story work. Then she found some great people to help make the story come alive.

Peter Holzel

Peter Holzel grew up fascinated by the Big Screen. After buying his first video camera in 1987 (the black and white PXL-2000 that recorded video to audio tapes), he was hooked, and has remained addicted ever since. Peter works as a film cinematographer as well as an event videographer, and can be reached through his website:

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Edward Wright

Ed is an activist, filmmaker and (sometimes) an actor.
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