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Melvin Cartagena

Mel is a filmmaker.
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Nicholas Edmunds

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Marcia Goetsch

Marcia Goetsch is an award-winning filmmaker. Her directorial debut, the short film The House, won Best Sci-Fi Film at The Midnight Black International Festival of Darkness, Best Sci-Fi Short at Motor City Nightmares, Best Picture Editing at The Terror Film Festival and was a selection at Fright Night Film Festival, Buffalo International Film Festival, ShockerFest Film Festival, Horror Quest Film Festival, Sharp Cuts Indie Film & Music Festival, SENE Film Festival, New Filmmakers New York Film Festival, Shawna Shea Film Festival, Mill City Shorts Film Festival and Boston Science Fiction Film Festival. She has also edited and produced several videos.
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Leslie Jean

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Scott C Miller

Scott got his start with make up and sculpting as a kid, then when he turned 18 he moved from New England to Los Angeles where he become a undertakers assistant at Forrest Lawn Mortuaries. Soon after that he studied under the direction of Special Effects make up artist Tom Burman of Van Nuys, CA in the early 1980's and with Leo Latito Jr head make up artist at The Burbank Studios/Warner Brothers Studios in conjunction with MGM Studios. Working in TV, Film and Stage since 1981 Scott had the pleasure of working with Vincent Price, Coral Brown, Mae West, Rita Shaw, Warren Oates, Harry Mills of the Mills Brothers, Jack Bannon as well as many others.
His skills are: Master Sculptor, Mold Maker, Prosthetics, Dental Effects, 3D Tranfers, Puppet Making and Prop Making.
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Scott Nadeau

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Corey Wells

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Edward Wright

Ed is an activist, filmmaker and (sometimes) an actor.
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