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Lindsey Elisabeth Clark

Lindsey is an actor and director.
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Mario DaRosa Jr.

Mario is an actor.

Jessica Davis

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Jenn Dlugos

Jenn Dlugos is an award-winning comedian, writer, and filmmaker. Her screenplays have been recognized by many competitions including the Francis Ford Coppola’s American Zoetrope Competition, the Feel Good Film Festival, The Beverly Hills Film Festival and the Yosemite Film Festival.  Her directorial debut, There She Is… won Best Regional Comedy Film and the Audience Award for Best Comedy Film at The Southeastern New England Film Festival, and was a selection at the Broad Humor Film Festival in Los Angeles.  Her film website is  and her personal website is
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Sami Elliot

Sami is a musician and composer for visual and interactive media.

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Marcia Goetsch

Marcia Goetsch is an award-winning filmmaker. Her directorial debut, the short film The House, won Best Sci-Fi Film at The Midnight Black International Festival of Darkness, Best Sci-Fi Short at Motor City Nightmares, Best Picture Editing at The Terror Film Festival and was a selection at Fright Night Film Festival, Buffalo International Film Festival, ShockerFest Film Festival, Horror Quest Film Festival, Sharp Cuts Indie Film & Music Festival, SENE Film Festival, New Filmmakers New York Film Festival, Shawna Shea Film Festival, Mill City Shorts Film Festival and Boston Science Fiction Film Festival. She has also edited and produced several videos.
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Grace Gray

Grace is an actor.
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Eileen Grossman

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Jennifer Rae Grossman

Jennifer is a writer, director, producer and editor. She loves the creative process and collaborating with others. She has directed several 48 Hour Film Projects and is now taking all that she has learned from those experiences and applying that to her own projects. She thrives in a creative environment and hopes to inspire others. Her goal is to create compelling stories and relatable characters.

Pepe Hernandez

Russ Hryzan

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Leslie Jean

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Brandon Johnson

Brandon is a musician and sound engineer.

Amy LeFort

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Bethany Michalski

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Jack Moffitt

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Jocelyn Padilla

Jocelyn Padilla, actor and filmmaker, received her BA in Theatre Education from Emerson and has launched her own production company ‘JP Productions.’ She was born and raised in Stoughton, Massachusetts. She has since appeared in a range of productions from independent features to short films, and PSA’s. She recently played a major role in Luis Carvahlo’s feature film Jonah Lives (2012), appearing as the film’s heroine. Padilla was nominated for Best Horror Actress at the Jersey Gore Fest in 2013. Influenced largely by Shirley MacLaine and Marilyn Monroe and vintage Hollywood, Padilla is taking her acting experience to yet another film, Amor Sangre, which Lindsey Elisabeth Cork wrote and helped to co-produce in which she plays an out-of-touch vampire, Lucianna. In addition to this large role, her feature I Am Monroe? Is currently in post-production, a piece she has written, produced, co-starred and co-directed.
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Sean-John Reidy

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Sandy Riojas

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Vikki Rush

Vikki is a graphic artist with 14 years of graphic savvy creating collateral, poster, identity, and environmental designs.
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Edward Wright

Ed is an activist, filmmaker and (sometimes) an actor.
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