1950s refrigerator
Ed made a 1940s compressor icebox like the old GE models using foam board from Home Depot and some buckets. A little paint and voila! Light enough for one person to carry upstairs.
1950s stove
And of course a fridge needs a stove! So Ed went back to Home Depot, more foam board, contact paper, balsam wood and paint. We had to remember that it moves when leaned against which we forgot every minute it looked so solid.
Long Family kitchen set
Meet the Longs! Marie, Brad and Branden in the living room turned into a 1950s kitchen at Marcia' s condo. Jenn completed the decor with a shower curtain from Wal Mart.
Motor City boardroom set
Ed framing a shot. A key is good lighting (can you believe this pun?) with great soft boxes. The viewfinder on the camera really helps Jenn see the shot. We used a boom pole rig with a counterweight for the shotgun microphone because we had fewer crew than we hoped for in the tight space.
Makeup Jenn Dlugos
Of course every man during the 1950s used Brylcream on their hair. Lots of Brylcream. So armed with a tube, Jenn goes to work on Jeff.
Jones Motor Company Ad
Marcia, Jenn and Eileen collaborated (is that the word when 50 photos are emailed 5 times each back and forth among 3 people on opposite coasts - whew) on the composition of our Lonzo Ad with stock illustrations from IStockPhoto and Marcia put it together with Adobe Illustrator.
Jones Motor Company  Board
Meet the Jones Motor Company Board. Brad, Herb, Fred, Jeff and Chris in the boardroom that on other days is the dining room at Marcia's condo. Table, chairs and shutters give it a suitable look. 1930s-1950s auto show poster reproductions from eBay finish it off.
Ed Wright Shoots Inside Table
And our theater of the absurd shot from inside the table. Ed wedged immobile and Brad scared. Showtime!
Mr Excitement Flyer
We were fortunate to get our music from the Audio Network and Marcia made our Mr. Excitement flyer with iStockPhoto and Adobe Illustrator.
Jones Motor Company
So where do you look for a 1950s Detroit Motor Company Factory in Boston? Black Fan Pier! And then Marcia added a little bitty sign.
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