Weekend Getaway Selected for Medusa Underground

Weekend Getaway has been selected for the Medusa Underground Film Festival. If you think your getaway weekend didn’t go according to plan, you are not alone.

Weekend Getaway Online

Weekend Getaway is now available online. This horror comedy short by Jenn Dlugos and Andrea Henry was fun to make and is fun to watch. If you think your office job is oppressive you’ll appreciate just how much worse it can get!

Weekend Getaway Selected For Shawna Shea Film Festival

Bwwwwwaaahaaaa!!! — Weekend Getaway has been selected for the Shawna Shea Film Festival November 10, 2016. Congratulations to the outstanding cast and crew that made this terrific horror comedy short. Thank you so much Skip Shea for the honor and can’t wait to see the festival.

Weekend Getaway Selected For 401 Film Fest

Rosebud Studios is proud to announce that our horror comedy short film Weekend Getaway has been selected to screen at the 401 Film Fest in Warwick, Rhode Island! It will be screening in Showcase 3 at the Artic Playhouse October 22nd 7:30PM. We are PSYCHed and will be HORRORified if we don’t see you there! What a TERRORible cast and crew went into the making of this film with some real things to SCREAM about! We can see you LAUGHing already!

Weekend Getaway Completed

Feeling oppressed at the office? Looking for a weekend getaway? Rosebud Studios presents Weekend Getaway a short horror-comedy by filmmakers Jenn Dlugos and Andrea Henry starring Frederick Fairbanks and Brad Rhodes.

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