Scan Selected for Seven Film Festivals

Scan Officially Complete

Scan is now officially completed in post: animation, editing, music score, sound mixing and color grading and mastering all done! Congratulations to the terrific cast and crew who made this film possible and hats off to Melvin Cartagena the director of this sci-fi super short. We are submitting to film festivals.

Scan Poster

Scan, Mel Cartagena’s new super-short in the sci-fi genre, is coming along nicely in post. Soon you too can see a power that alienates confront a fear that blinds. The fight will happen within! Poster designed by Mel Cartagena.

Scan Wraps

And that’s a wrap for Mel Cartagena’s new sci-fi super short Scan! Shot entirely at The Hearing Room in Lowell, MA a great place for art and music events. Cast and crew were amazing and what a warm welcoming environment and group of people. Scan is now officially in post-production with the first assembly just out the door.

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