Cold Nominated For KaPow Intergalactic

Cold has been nominated for Best Drama Ensemble at the 2018 KaPow Intergalactic Film Festival. KaPow IFF will be held September 28 - October 4, 2018, at the Laemmle’s NoHo 7 Theatres in North Hollywood, California. Accolades for the fine acting by Mary Ferrara, Davidson Calfee, Bradley Rhodes, Charlie Hatton and the director Edward Wright. Well done!

Cold Selected For FANtastic Horror Film Festival

Cold has been selected for The 5th Annual FANtastic Horror Film Festival October 26-28 in San Diego, CA. For three days, San Diego will be the Horror Capital of the United States and we plan to be horribly there. Join us if you dare!

Cold Selected For Shawna Shea

Cold has been selected for the Shawna Shea Film Festival and will be screening Thursday, October 4th 4:30PM at Starlite Gallery in Southbridge, MA. If you are in New England for the fall foliage and want to get your dark on, then stop on by and watch our film.

Adjustment Technicians Nominated For CLAW Awards

The Adjustment Technicians has been nominated for eight CLAW Awards at the Terror Film Festival: Best Cinematographer(Edward Wright), Best Director of Photography(Edward Wright), Best Motion Picture Editing(Marcia Goetsch), Best Original Music Score(Marcia Goetsch), Best Science Fiction Short Film, Best Special Effects(Scott C Miller), Best Short Film Screenplay(Melvin Cartagena), and Best Sound Design(Marcia Goetsch). Congratulations to the people who are being recognized for their work in making this award-winning film.

Magicland LAWebFest Award Nominations

Magicland has been selected by Sony Pictures LA Web Fest this April 28-30 and has been nominated for four awards: Outstanding Comedy Series, Outstanding Actor (Frederick Fairbanks), Outstanding Actress (Mary Ferrara), and Outstanding Cinematography (Tim Labonte). Here’s hoping!

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