Cold Wins at Mindfield Albuquerque

Cold has won six awards at the February 2018 Mindfield Albuquerque Bi-Monthly Competition. Bronze Awards for Best Short Film, Best Director (Edward Angus Wright), Best Actor (Mary Ferrara), Best Editing (Marcia Goetsch), Best Cinematography (Edward Angus Wright) and Best Original Score. Congratulations!

Cold Wins Silver at Spotlight Horror

Cold wins a Silver Award in the December 2017 semi-annual Spotlight Horror Film Awards. Congratulations to the dedication and hard work of the talented cast and crew that made this film into the honored film it became. Very grateful for Spotlight Horror for this fine award. This was a multi-year journey and well worth it! Good luck taking it far and wide.

The Adjustment Technicians Wins Award at Mindfield

The Adjustment Technicians wins a Silver Award for Best Short Film in the December 2017 bi-monthly competition at Mindfield Film Festival - Albuquerque. Congratulations to the creativity and hard work of the cast and crew in this film led by director Melvin Cartagena. Looking forward to the annual film festival August 25th - 26th 2018 at the Guild Cinema in Albuquerque.

Cold Nominated Best Editing Independent Horror Movie Awards

Cold has been nominated for Best Editing by Independent Horror Movie Awards. Cudos to editor Marcia Goetsch and the cast and crew of this thrilling film by director Edward Wright.


Mary Ferrara Superb in COLD

Fantastic review for Mary Ferrara in COLD from “There was something extremely endearing about this film and a lot of that was down to the superb Mary Ferrara and her on-screen chemistry with Davidson Calfee, Mary Ferrara was actually superb and earned herself a round of applause here at the office.”


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