About Rosebud Studios

Rosebud Studios is a collaborative of filmmakers, photographers, engineers, artists and actors in New England. Making a film is an ensemble activity with every word, gesture, image and sound shaping the magical illusion of a story. Each member of cast and crew is an actor in that illusion bringing to an audience the moment, the idea, the story with meaning. We are those members.

If you, the audience, find the stories we tell meaningful, entertaining or an idea worth thinking further about, then we the cast and crew and you the audience have joined together for a moment, and share the human experience.

If you, the cast and crew, find joy in the making of a film, find meaning in the creation of a story, then we welcome you to the journey of creative expression that is filmmaking. Come join us, fellow artists in this most gratifying endeavor. We write the stories that lay the foundation, create the art that propels the illusion, create the sounds that inform the feeling, compose the images that show what’s important and dramatize the characters we come to care about. We make a film. A short, a feature, a television pilot, a web series, it is a film. Narrative, unscripted, animated, documentary, it is a film. Horror, sci-fi, drama, comedy, tragedy, it is a film. And we are the filmmakers.

Please visit Films to see our projects and our Blog to see what we are up to. We are currently in production on a short animation The Ferry.
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